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Contribute un-indexed URLs of Semantic Web documents

You can submit a URL to either one semantic web document or a document containing many links to semantic web document. We will treat the URL as a seed and conduct bounded conventional crawling by following links. Beside the MUST field (marked by *), we also optionally collect your name, email and comments  for research purpose. Your information will not be disclosed to any commercial purpose. 

verification* please type the letters shown here into the box below

keywords e.g. person, foaf, profile



  • Only human submission is allow from this page. Automated submission has been proven
  • Please only submit documents you believe is semantic web document, i.e. they should be encoded in RDF syntax languages such as RDF/XML, N3, NTriples. You may also submit documents which has embedded RDF graph (see http://www.w3.org/2000/03/rdf-tracking/#rdf-embedded ).
  • The URL will eventually be checked by our crawler; however, it may take several days before you can find the submitted URL.
  • If you ever need to ask us to remove entries from the database, contact swoogle-developer AT cs.umbc.edu

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